Professional Learning Networks Dissertation

Professional Learning Networks

Professional Learning Network

David Hawks

EDUC-CI 5585

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Professional Learning Network

A professional learning network (PLN) is a adaptable, activity space that gives you personalized professional career expansion. PLN's connect you to other people across the world who are able to offer support, advice, opinions, and collaboration. A PLN allows educators to collect info from some and can get on in one organized area so they can stay up-to-date on the newest teaching tactics and changes in the field of education. There are various different spots to create your personal PLN; Myspace, Facebook, or Wikis, in order to name a couple of. There are many positive aspects when using a PLN. Making a PNL is a very cost effective method to gain understanding to advance your career. Instead to traveling to various conventions you are able to create a PLN for free and get a ton of important information. Also, you can make your PLN the own by simply personalizing the look of your web page, you can also modify and add data that you get with your page. The PLN exists on your terms, whenever and wherever. In the current society that is very important even as are frequently on the go. The PLN is a great source achievable ideas to utilization in your classroom. It is also a great place to go to get answers to any question you may have. Setting up your PLN is very convenient. For example , to make a PLN employing Twitter all you need to do is log on to and follow the steps to make your own bank account. It doesn't take long in any way to create your account. Once your is created searching for teachers to follow, pertaining to Missourians, or anyone for that matter, I would recommend " Missouri Educators”. When you arrive at the " Missouri Educators” twitter webpage, you can browse through a list of " Followers” and you may choose to stick to as many or perhaps as few as you are longing. I use my own PLN for all your...