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Device 12: Investigating internet marketing

Job 1: Website marketing for client benefit

Due in:

Working for a marketing organization you have recently been asked to create a powerpoint presentation on the position of internet advertising has in modern marketing. Your business presentation will show ‘fledgling' businesses, those battling in the current financial state, about how to travel online using examples from companies that have made the transition.

Be aware: Assignment one particular is based on THREE companies which you must work with as circumstance studies to resolve the queries. This is a built-in assignment, so you can submit P1 and P2 in one PowerPoint presentation. P1: Describe the role website marketing has within a modern promoting context P2: Describe just how selected organisations use internet marketing Two companies you must employ are Nike and Dell

Plus, one particular ‘charity' or non-profit organisation like those listed below:

Success Standards for U12: P1 and P2| I've done this | Miss Gashisays I have done this | Electricity point Presentation 2 with Clear headings and sub-headings | | | You must answer every single questions for THREE businesses | | | Introduction to each company: Nike AND Dell Computers and ONE voluntary/charity/service organisation electronic. g. Greenpeace, Oxfam, Children in Will need, islamicaid. org. uk, compassionuk. org| | | Item: What is the product they sell? | |

Just how has the net allowed this product to be sold better? | | | Price: Precisely what is the price of the product/service? Virtually any discounts agreed to different people? | | | How does the world wide web benefit the company in the selling price they charge? | | | Place: What is the spot of the merchandise being sold? | | | What are the benefits to the firm in reference to place as a result of the net? | | | Campaign: What types of promotion will the business work with? | | | Just how has technology allowed the organization to become more efficient in promo? | | | People: Are info available to...