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п»їFamily system and there composition

The relatives structure in Manipur provides undergone and is also undergoing a large number of changes. In the year 1950s and sixties, most of the father and mother had much more than 5 kids, some even going beyond 10. Though kid marriage was not common neither known in Manipur, most of the youthful population did marry quite early in life (early by today's standards). The normal grow older for males for marriage was generally 20 years and above. For females, the marriageable age utilized to range from 15 to nineteen years. Marital life at a new age was an important factor to having various children in the 50s and 60s of Manipuri contemporary society. Family planning was not well-known or nearly absent in the earlier days. There were a strong opinion that kids were the gifts of God. As such, men experienced no capacity to limit the quantity of children. The family was patriarchal in structure as well as the senior the majority of male member was usually your head of the friends and family. Sometimes, if the senior many member of the family were a female, might that be considered a widow, the feminine headed the family without the societal prevention. The Manipuri society from this matter can be said to be extremely liberal and progressive. A majority of the households were joint family systems. Members in the joint family members were governed by a code of conduct mainly integrated by the elderly most female member of the family. Self-control amongst the close relatives were purely governed based upon a senior and jr . relationship, the and the fresh. Even the language used in dealing with one another was based on the elder plus the younger romance. Like various other patriarchal communities, the parents generally preferred kids to children. Compared to various other patriarchal communities of India, the preference can be said being of a lower extent. In Manipuri world, daughters were equally made welcome by the parents. Love and affection between the members of the family, close bonding among the cousins born of the same bros (especially friends born of...