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The plot lets you know what happens within a story, nevertheless the theme tells you what the history is about: Precisely what is the root message? What is driving the action? It is also helpful to question " why": Why did the author select this environment or this kind of conflict? For what reason did the writer choose this tone? What makes these personas behavinI acknowledge the " The Road Not really Taken" (Frost, 1916) contains a journey or pilgrimage topic, for anybody in the composition is fighting his personal voyage in life. Especially, he is looking to decide which highway in life to adopt.  You performed an excellent task identifying the major symbol in Frost's poem, the road on its own, and your perspective is refreshing and exclusive. Until now, I actually never considered as the fact that one of the roads represents a route or style he continues to be on already for a time frame. Whereas, the other road is change. Many of us wonder how life would be, if we choose to change courses.

Honestly, during the past, I thought of the roads when it comes to difficulty. I had been thinking one particular road is somewhat more challenging than the other and can require more out of the person to get to the destination. For instance , I ponder how different my life would be if I chosen to pursue a Masters degree in Innovative Writing at the New University for Interpersonal Research in New York just like I originally intended to do instead of enrolling in a Masters program that was not geared towards producing society's next authors. Instead of living the life of a writer and earning my own sole living from this, I took place another, much less traveled road--the one that ends with me generating a post-doctorate degree, lecturing/presenting research by scholarly conferences, and writing nonfiction. I am nonetheless traveling from this article you can see, for the trail is extended, a race to say the least, and requires dedication, and perseverance. For those reasons, many may select not to consider that street, because it is an extended, more challenging voyage. Here, I realize how the color yellow could symbolize grow older, too. Over time, we must sooner or later choose one...