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Ellison 1

AP English Vocabulary and Formula

Sample Replies to Questions on Rob Ellison's " On Chicken, Bird-Watching, and Jazz” 1 . Why do the first two sentences include qualifiers (" oddly enough, ” " however”)? Ellison is usually floating several theories here, an activity he has asked the reader to sign up. Those qualifiers leave room for uncertainty and alternative interpretations. He might also be recognizing that his quest for a definitive reason of Parker's nickname could be a little odd and face more than a few dead ends. 2 . Why does Ellison suggest that his audience might be " followers of the animated cartoons”? Ellison is finding common surface with his viewers, people who have music and musicology seriously but with both a sense of humor and an admiration of take culture. three or more. Why does Ellison think a book about bird-watching might be more edifying than a biography of Parker? He could be probably being a bit satrical and playful here, indicating that however, best the bios of Parker were unable to totally explain the brilliant innovations and his difficult personal your life. May too, then, check in with the best book regarding bird-watching, Roger Tory Peterson's Field Tips for the Parrots. 4. How come Ellison claim " hung the chicken on Charlie” (para 2) instead of " nicknamed him”? Here is another nod to audience. Ellison's readers were likely learned, even mental; however , they could have liked seeing themselves as hip connoisseurs of avant-garde music, a desire that Ellison taps into by using slang. It's also, naturally , a nice accommodement with the academics language previous in the paragraph: " accomplished identity. ” 5. What is the effect of Ellison's sources to the account about the infant Jesus (para 3)? Very low couple of capabilities. One is the bond between Parker and the wonder of the Virgin mobile Birth – his music is amazing to some. One more is the way Ellison uses it to develop his discussion: the story performs but the music does not (the goldfinch's song has no soul)....