Children Having children in the usa Essay

Children Having children in America

Problem Solution Essay

Kids Having Kids in America

​When being a teenage, there are so many decisions and experiences they will need to endure. It is usually anything by little decisions like points to wear the next day to big experiences like filling out quite a few college applications. But more frequently these days, teenagers in America have had to deal with one of the difficult experience a young person might ever need to face…. teenage pregnancy. It's a major problem once children are having children. Teenage pregnancy could be prevented by abstinence, creating better sex education programs, and if important teaching safe sex practices. ​The issue of young pregnancy posseses an overwhelming influence on America today. It doesn't help that tv set companies like MTV and Oxygen impact teen being pregnant by creating shows just like " Sixteen and Pregnant” and " The Motherhood Pact”. Unexpected pregnancies can cause unhealthy effects for baby and the family members. Teenage being pregnant causes abortions that could have already been prevented. A lot of teenagers are forced or make the split decision to take the life span of a valuable child because of their own blunders. In other conditions, the adolescent has to out of the blue take on the responsibilities of the before their very own time. If an average adolescent barely makes enough cash to support themselves, how can that they expect to support themselves and a baby? If the teenager struggles to provide support for their child comfortably then a baby is likely to grow up in an unstable home filled with struggle. Although there are some young adults that are able to provide for their child successfully, the art of taking a child in to the world must be left to adults who are ready for that experience. ​A great answer to diminish teenage pregnancy is somewhat more sexual education programs. These types of programs could possibly be used to notify more young adults about how the entire body functions, just how sex works, and even present realistic activities to encourage teenagers to never...