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Learning Team - Wireless Technologies Proposal

BIS 220


Learning Group - Wifi Technologies Pitch

Party Plate's for many years now has supplied our customers' demands when it comes to portion supplies and themes for almost any occasion. Yet , technology in the 20th century has removed with much more technological developments on the horizon. The technology at present used in Party Plates is definitely obsolete; and implementations of wireless technology to Get together Plates infrastructure will not only up-date our current systems, it will also support Get together Plates well into the future. This kind of proposal will cover the suggested wireless technologies, and the benefits and drawbacks of putting into action such technology; along with providing realistic and risk assessment pertaining to deciding to use wireless technology in Get together Plates facilities. In addition to this proposal, a schedule is also included, covering the economic analysis of implementing the recommended wifi technologies to Party Dishes.

The wireless solutions proposed by learning group A, deemed suitable in meeting the present and future needs of Party Discs are iPhones, iPads, wifi routers, and wireless cctv surveillance equipment. We firmly feels that proper implementation of the wireless systems will help rectify Party Discs technological problems. However , with these recommendations there are always positives and negatives to employing new technology to a business. The advantages will be protected first then secondly the cons. The good qualities are: * Accurate, real-time information

* Field sales having accurate, most current product supply information 5. Field sales having the most current pricing information, sales presentations or customer/competitor intelligence * Discipline service technicians able to gain access to correct or perhaps real-time information concerning a user's equipment, trouble, or accounts * Delivery personnel being able to access real-time routing and customer information 5. Warehouse...

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