Aquarius Promoting Agency Case Essay

Aquarius Promoting Agency Case

1 ) Analyze Aquarius in terms of the 5 in-text variables. Just how would you illustrate the environment, goals, culture, size and technology for Aquarius?

Technology- In today's culture, technology is usually rapidly changing. The software being used have short and short lifecycles. and providing innovative ways for advertising organizations to operate and perform. Regarding performance, traditional forms of promoting such as TELEVISION SET and radio have not been improved by technology for quite a while. However , fresh Internet systems like social websites are revolutionizing the marketing industry and Aquarius has received to adapt to those changes Environment- This kind of refers to anything that lies beyond the limitations of the firm but provides the potential to impact all or section of the firm's activities. An organization has to be able to interact to its environment in order to endure. Their environment consists of opponents in the industry, consumers and federal government regulations that needs to be complied with; to name a few. With regards to the advertising industry, the environment is very dynamic and unpredictable. This is evidenced by fact that the truth states that " it had been typical to promote agencies to gain or reduce clients”. Moreover, customer conduct and changes in lifestyle emerged and product improvements occur with no forewarning. Consequently , Aquarius should certainly ensure that they monitor the changing trends in to better satisfy all their clients. It is usually assumed that there is a lack of cohesion within the firm and that there is not many solutions allocated towards external environment which can be bad for the organization. In the event the clients' needs are not stationary and they are if she is not satisfied simply by Aquarius then their customers can easily be dropped to their competition. Culture- This refers to the shared beliefs and beliefs of workers within the business. There is not much information regarding this in the case facts, however there is enough to...