A Man with the People Essay

A Man with the People

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23 October 2012

A Man of the People: Discord in Independent Nigeria

Self-employed Nigeria witnessed increasingly odieux conflicts arising at the social and political level. At a time the moment " the national question" was at the top of the government's agenda, the search for politics power, specifically at the regional level, stymied any improvement. How could a " national identity” be established when the people recognized themselves based totally on their racial? Without that overwhelming feeling of collective nationalism amongst Nigerians, its almost semed predictable that politicians would look to local power to guarantee prestige and power because of their respective locations, rather than to market national progress and unity. Chinua Achebe's novel, A Man of the People, addresses this kind of multi-faceted issue. The story's conflicts between distinct personas like Odili and Main Nanga support demonstrate the real-life problems that existed between competing political and social groups in Nigeria. His story provides an account of how the conclusion of personal and political disputes, along with colonial heritage not only supported these conflicts, but likewise elevated these to the point of a national point out of emergency, demonstrating the importance of departing the " National Question” unanswered.

Seeking first for colonial heritage, it is obvious why world in 3rd party Nigeria may have been spoiled by serious conflict. British colonials traced the nation of Nigeria away of Africa. Borders were drawn with out regard in order to regional ethnic groups. Previously, the country was developed in such a way that activated social and regional discord. People who primarily identified as Yoruba, Hausa, and so forth were right now being asked to relegate their cultural identities in favour of a Nigerian one. The basic concern pertaining to Nigerian politicians at this time had not been to establish a strong national govt; that had been seen to be ineffective. Electric power at the nationwide level...