1 . 2 Summarise the between formative and summative assessment Essay

1 . 2 Sum up the difference among formative and summative examination

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8th 04 2015

AFL 1 . 1-5

1 . two Summarise the difference between conformative and summative assessment

Formative assessment is typically contrasted which has a summative examination. The former supports teachers and students in decision making during educational and learning processes, while the last mentioned occurs at the end of a learning unit and determines if the content being taught was retained. (P Ainsworth 2006(Wikipedia))

1 ) 1 Compare the tasks of the tutor and the KONSTRUERA in assessment of learners' achievements

1 ) 5 Explain how evaluation for learning can play a role in planning for foreseeable future learning completed by a)the instructor b) the learners c) the learning support practitioner

Instructors are responsible pertaining to following the nationwide curriculum, preparing lessons, featuring the necessary helpful the children. A teacher's responsibility towards the kids in their attention can involve the following; -Deliver an ongoing record of each infant's progress

-Inform children of their personal improvement and successes -Keep parents up to date and informed regarding strengths and areas intended for improvement for child -Identify educational needs for all of the children within the class

A teaching helper works alongside and in collaboration with the educator. They are generally there to support the teacher, support and aid children in their education. A teaching assistant can relay back to the teacher whether or not they think a child may need aid in developing in some areas, and a plan may be put in place through which may require the assistance of the educating assistant. Though the teacher is the overall ‘boss' of the category, and will suggest the instructing assistant precisely what is required for that day.

Children are assessed each and every day; this enables the teacher to reflect whether a lesson can be working to satisfy the learning objectives or whether how we accomplish the objective has to be changed. The school I i am currently employed in has taken the examination...